5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Painter

Before Hiring a Painter

What are the things you should consider before hiring a painter? A good painter can make your house look amazing. A bad one will leave you with a botched up paint job that looks like an art class project painted by a three year old. It is important that you find a good painter to do your house painting. House painters also don’t come cheap so it is best that you find the right one the first time.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Painter

Finding the right painter requires you to be a bit more discerning. Here are some tips to help you find the right one:

He has to have the right training and certification

The right training and certification will tell you that the painter you are hiring has experienced what it is like to handle different types of paint and how they will react with different kinds of surface. A certification will also ensure that the person you are hiring has had ample training on how to handle painting walls, floors, and ceilings.

He has to have a good eye for detail

He has to have the know-how on which colors and textures work great. Based on his knowledge, he should be able to provide suggestions to the customer on what colors make the best looking rooms.

References and good reviews

A painter’s reputation is very important. One wrong review from one dis-satisfied customer can destroy all that he has worked for. A good painter needs to have a stellar reputation. Find out how he works and what his relationship with his customers was like. Ask him for references from previous employers.

Check if the painter is insured

Painting the house sometimes require the painter to go up the roof, try to reach very high places, and handle tools like scaffolding and the like. These tools can be a cause for accidents if the painter isn’t careful. Make sure to hire a painter that has insurance. A sign of a trustworthy painter is someone who has insurance to cover any accidents he might encounter.

Affordable price

Though this should not be your priority when looking for a painter, it is nonetheless important. Look for a painter that you can afford to hire. Look for someone who will accept the mode of payment that you prefer. Some painters let you pay everything up front, while others let you pay only once you are satisfied with the work they have done.

Looking for a painter to help paint your house should be a breeze with these 5 tips. Hopefully you find a caring painter who will love making your house beautiful.

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