A Stunning Cabinet Refinishing Project in Keller

Cabinet Refinishing Project in Keller

Recently, we had the privilege of completing a small yet impactful cabinet refinishing project in Keller that left our client thrilled with the transformation. As a professional painting contractor, every project presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Here we will showcase the project and demonstrate how a simple change can make a world of difference.

The Starting Point

Our client had a built-in bar with white distressed cabinets, a white countertop, and some white shelving on the walls. While white cabinetry is classic and timeless, our client was looking for a fresh, bold change that would add character and personality to their space. They envisioned a vibrant and striking space that would be a reflection of their unique style.

built-in cabinet refinishing - before

The Vision

After discussing the this cabinet refinishing project in Keller and understanding our client’s vision, we collectively decided on a concept that would breathe new life into the space. The goal was to create a visually stunning  but also harmonious color scheme. To achieve this, we proposed a two-toned approach: with a neutral blue for the wall and cabinet faces and a rich, dark stained wood finish for the cabinet top and matching wall shelves. The contrast between the blue and the warm wood tones would be the key to achieving a captivating look.

The Process

Our team set to work, and the project unfolded in several stages. Here’s how this project unfolded.

1. Preparation

The first step was to thoroughly prepare the existing cabinets for their makeover. This involved removing all cabinet hardware, cleaning the surfaces, and lightly sanding them to ensure proper adhesion of the new finish. We took steps to protect surrounding surfaces and minimize dust and damage to the surrounding space.

2. Primer and Paint

Once the cabinets were ready, we applied a high-quality primer to create an even surface and prevent any traces of the old white finish from showing through. We then carefully painted the cabinet faces with the chosen deep blue color, achieving a smooth, even coat that brought the space to life. The transformation was already taking shape, and the space was starting to feel vibrant and energetic. We also painted the wall to match the new color of the cabinets.

3. Staining the Tops and Shelves

To create an exquisite contrast, we moved on to the upper surfaces of the cabinets and the matching wall shelves. We applied a dark wood stain from Sherwin Williams that beautifully complemented the blue cabinet faces. Adding the final touch of a sealant that gives the countertop and shelving a shine.

The transformation was remarkable. The wood-grain texture added depth and warmth, making this unique built in space feel both cozy and sophisticated.

4. Hardware Installation

With the cabinet faces and tops now perfected, we carefully reattached the cabinet hardware. The dark handles and knobs provided a striking contrast against the blue cabinets and wall, adding an extra layer of visual interest.

The Final Reveal: Cabinet Refinishing Project in Keller

The moment of truth arrived as we unveiled the completed project to our client. The before-and-after photos tell a story of transformation. What was once a simple, white built-in bar had become a vibrant and elegant space, brimming with personality and character.

built-in cabinet refinishing - after

In the after photo, the blue cabinet faces create a striking focal point, and they blend seamlessly with the blue wall, establishing a cohesive, inviting atmosphere. The dark wood stained tops and shelves provide a beautiful contrast, adding warmth and character to the room. The combination of color and texture worked harmoniously to elevate the space to a whole new level of sophistication.

The client in Keller was overjoyed with the results, and we couldn’t be happier to have delivered on their vision. This project highlighted the power of a well-planned and executed cabinet refinishing job to completely transform a space.

Small cabinet refinishing projects can have a big impact when approached with creativity and precision. The combination of bold color choices and contrasting finishes can breathe new life into any kitchen, bar, or storage area. This cabinet refinishing project in Keller serves as a testament to the magic of paint and stain, and how a well-executed vision can turn a simple space into a captivating, unique feature that reflects the personality of the homeowner.

If you’re looking to transform your own home, consider the possibilities that a cabinet refinishing project can offer, and consult with a professional painting contractor to bring your vision to life.

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