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Drywall Repair Arlington

Drywall Repair Services In Arlington TX

Drywall also know as Sheetrock is one of the easiest and cheapest material to install, drywall has become a popular choice among homeowners in Arlington. In exchange for such amazing qualities, however, is its immense lack of durability. A little pressure and rough playing is enough to give it a hole. And this is why drywall repair has become a frequent maintenance need.

Wall Patch

The good thing about drywall (sometimes called sheetrock) is how uncomplicated patching holes could be. Homeowners can actually do their own wall patches and retexturing within a day so long as they have the right materials and the know-how. If time, however, is an indispensable resource, NorTex can do the job for you.

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Fixing Drywall

To NorTex, fixing drywall means more than just patching up a  small hole in the wall. The entire process starts by assessing the size of the damage. Small holes, after all, will require a different method of patching as opposed to medium and large ones. The team will then check for wires, pipes and ducts around the area as these can obstruct the entire working process. At the same time, they don’t want adding further damage to your home by accidentally hitting other fixtures. Once everything is ready and good to go, NorTex will proceed with the repairs.

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Nortex Difference

You may be thinking what difference a paid service would have from a DIY repair. With NorTex Painting and Gutters, there are plenty, and here are just some of them:

The company makes sure that every foreman has a minimum experience of 10 years in painting and gutter work.Having this much experience in the field not only provides quality work, the team does it in the fastest and cleanest way possible.Most importantly, the company respects your home and the rules it is being governed with. The team will gladly cover their boots should you require them to.

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