Exterior Painting of a Home in Keller

Exterior Painting of a Home in Keller

We recently completed the exterior painting of a home in Keller, Texas. We worked with the client to select the best paint to compliment the brick and existing aesthetic. The client wanted to freshen up the paint on the siding, garage door, and trim. We found the perfect paint at the local Keller Sherwin Williams store.

keller home paint siding and trimThe siding of the house was a big area for paint coverage. This part of the house gets a lot of sun exposure, as do all the home in Keller and North Texas. We took steps to clean the siding before applying fresh paint to the area. The trim and gutters were painted to match.

As we moved to the front of the house, we continued the paint trim along the top of the second story of the home. We also painted the garage door, making it look new again.

keller exterior home painting project - back

The back side of the house is where the biggest difference was made. The back side of the house is predominately siding, with windows and a covered patio. The siding was cleaned with a power washer prior to applying new paint. We also painted the chimney, which you can see from this view.

keller home garage door and trim paint

The front door is where people are greeted into your home. We selected a dark grown stain that complements the brick around the door, and painted the trim. Painting trim around the second story of a home is a job best left for the professionals. Especially when navigating around corners and landscape. Exterior Painting of a Home in Keller may look like light work, but we take the time to clean, prep, and protect before we paint.

Keller Home Front door and trim paint

Are you considering the Exterior Painting of a Home in Keller? Give us a call! We would love to work with you.

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