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Fence Staining

Fence Staining improves the appearance of your fence while extending the life from Texas sun, heat, and weather. 

NorTex Painting and Gutters doesn’t just paint houses, we provide fence staining services too! Our team can also repair and replace privacy fences and other outdoor wood structures. 

While some companies may try to convince clients to replace the entire fence when repairs and staining is all that is really needed. Of course, when a new fence is needed, we can oversee that work and make sure the life of the fence is extended by applying proper stains.

Fence Inspection

Our team will carefully inspect your fence for damage and weaknesses. When damage is found, we will advise the client of our concerns and offer the best solutions for both the short and long term. 

privacy fence inspection

Fence Refinishing

We have various resources that could address any fence material. We have a wide variety of resources to match an existing fence style and will work to restore its integrity without replacing all fencing, if possible. After fence refinishing, you won’t be able to tell the new from the old. 

fence refinishing

Fence Staining

Staining your fence creates a protective barrier for the wood against moisture and other outdoor elements. In North Texas, the sun, heat, and wind can deteriorate an unfinished fence in a number of years.

That same fence can last a decade or more if it is stained regularly, protecting it from all the weather elements. Prolong the length of your investment in your privacy fence with wood stain and other protective barriers.

fence staining

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