Timeless Elegance Restored: A Historic House Painting Project in McKinney

A Historic House Painting Project in McKinney -before and after

We have a passion for preserving the grandeur of historic homes, we recently had the honor of undertaking a remarkable historic house painting project in McKinney. The residence, an exquisite example of Queen Anne architecture, boasted an original olive green hue with mauve trim. We have detailed the meticulous process of restoring and enhancing this historic gem. The new color palette – featuring variations of dark, medium, and light green, along with a bright copper accent – revitalized the exterior, as the white columns and porch railings added a touch of contrast and sophistication.

The house in McKinney, characterized by its Queen Anne architecture, is a testament to the grandeur of a bygone era. Its distinctive features include asymmetry, a steeply pitched roof, ornate detailing, and a wraparound porch—a true architectural gem. The original olive green color, while classic, was ready for a revitalization that would honor its historic charm.

Step 1: Historic Sensitivity and Color Consultation

Preserving the integrity of the historic home was paramount in our approach. We conducted extensive research on Queen Anne architecture to understand the period’s color palettes and design principles. Our color consultation involved collaboration with the homeowners to choose a palette that would both honor the home’s history and breathe new life into its exterior. The existing colors, green and mauve, were very traditional of this era, but did not accentuate the architectural features. We opted to build off this color palette, but with bolder color choices.

McKinney historic home before exterior painting

Selecting the Perfect Greens and Copper Accent

The chosen color palette for the house in McKinney was a harmonious blend of dark, medium, and light greens. The darker green for the first floor, the medium green for the second floor, and the lightest green for the top of the house. This gradient effect draws the eyes upward where the bright bright copper color adds a touch of vibrancy to the details around the trim and the accent roof.

White Columns and Porch Railings

To enhance the elegance of the Queen Anne architecture, the decision was made to transform the neutral cream-colored columns and porch railings to a pristine white. This choice not only provided a striking contrast to the green tones but also emphasized the intricate detailing of the architecture. The result was a timeless and sophisticated exterior that exuded an air of stately grace. White was also painted around the trims of the windows, giving them a bold contrast.

Step 2: Surface Assessment and Repair

Before any painting could commence, a thorough assessment of the exterior surfaces was conducted. Any areas requiring repair, whether due to weathering, aging, or previous paint damage, were carefully addressed. Carpentry repairs to the home are crucial to ensure that the new paint application would be flawless and that the historic details of the home would be preserved.

Step 3: Meticulous Painting Process

With the color palette finalized and the surfaces prepared, our skilled team embarked on the meticulous painting process of this three-story home. Each section of the exterior was approached with precision, ensuring that the intricate details of the Queen Anne architecture were accentuated. Multiple coats of high-quality Sherwin Williams paint were applied to achieve a flawless finish that would withstand the test of time.

Step 4: Copper and White Accent Details

The bright copper accent, strategically applied to trim elements, the accent roof, and ornate detailing, became a focal point of the exterior. This choice added a touch of opulence and highlighted the historic charm of the home. The copper accent, against the backdrop of various greens, created a visual masterpiece that celebrated the Queen Anne style. The white paint was the finishing touch, applied to the tall columns, window frames, and porch railing.

Step 5: Final Inspections and Preservation

As the painting process neared completion, final inspections were conducted to ensure that every detail met the high standards set for historic preservation. The goal was not only to transform the exterior but also to preserve and protect the intricate details that made the Queen Anne architecture so captivating. Any touch-ups or refinements were addressed promptly.

Client Reveal: A Historic Masterpiece Reborn

The reveal of the revitalized historic home in McKinney was met with awe and appreciation from the homeowners. The home adorned in its new color palette, stood as a testament to the successful marriage of preservation and transformation. The gradient of greens, complemented by the bright copper and white accents, breathed new life into the exterior while respecting its rich history.

Exterior painting of historic home in McKinney - after


Beyond the individual project, this historic house painting endeavor in McKinney had a broader impact on the community. The revitalization of a historic home contributes to the preservation of architectural heritage, enriching the visual tapestry of the neighborhood. It serves as an inspiration for others looking to restore the charm of historic properties across North Texas.

Weather-Resistant Paint for Longevity

Understanding the Texas climate and the challenges it brings, we selected weather-resistant exterior Sherwin Williams paints designed to withstand the region’s heat, humidity, and occasional storms. This ensures that the newly painted exterior will maintain its vibrancy and durability for years to come, providing lasting beauty to the historic home in McKinney.

Inspiration for Historic Homeowners

This historic house painting project in McKinney serves as an inspiration for homeowners with historic properties, encouraging them to explore the possibilities of revitalizing their homes while respecting their unique architectural heritage. The balance between historical sensitivity and contemporary rejuvenation is achievable with the right approach and expertise, something our team of experts offers to our clients.

Conclusion: A Historic House Painting Project in McKinney

The Queen Anne historic house painting project in McKinney exemplifies our commitment to preserving and enhancing the beauty of architectural treasures in North Texas. The careful selection of greens and a bright copper accent, combined with meticulous surface preparation and painting, resulted in a transformation that respects the home’s history while infusing it with new life.

As a painting contractor, our goal is to be stewards of history, breathing new life into the past and creating enduring beauty for generations to come. If you’re considering a historic house painting project in McKinney or the surrounding areas, our team stands ready to bring your vision to life, preserving the timeless elegance of your cherished home. Contact Us to schedule a consultation.

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