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Exterior Painting of a Home in Keller

Exterior Painting of a Home in Keller

We recently completed the exterior painting of a home in Keller, Texas. We worked with the client to select the best paint to compliment the brick and existing aesthetic. The client wanted to freshen up the paint on the siding, garage door, and trim. We found the perfect paint at the local Keller Sherwin Williams store. The siding of the house was a big area for paint coverage. This part…

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A Historic House Painting Project in McKinney -before and after

Timeless Elegance Restored: A Historic House Painting Project in McKinney

We have a passion for preserving the grandeur of historic homes, we recently had the honor of undertaking a remarkable historic house painting project in McKinney. The residence, an exquisite example of Queen Anne architecture, boasted an original olive green hue with mauve trim. We have detailed the meticulous process of restoring and enhancing this historic gem. The new color palette – featuring variations of dark, medium, and light green,…

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Desoto Home Painting Project

Desoto Home Painting Project Transforms Curb Appeal

As a seasoned painting contractor, we recently embarked on an exciting Desoto home painting project, where we had the privilege of transforming a home from a conventional light tan to a breathtaking midnight blue masterpiece. Let's take an in-depth look into the process of revitalizing the exterior this aging home, from essential siding repairs to the selection of a striking color palette that included a midnight blue for the main…

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exterior home painting project in Las Colinas

Elevating Exteriors: House Painting Project in Las Colinas

We recently completed an elevating house painting project in Las Colinas with a neutral beige base paint with slightly darker trim accents. This project showcases our commitment to excellence in delivering unparalleled craftsmanship to homeowners. Understanding the Canvas The house we worked on in Las Colinas had a stucco exterior that was originally painted in a light tan hue with darker brown trim. While the color scheme was neutral and…

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