Meets High Expectations

We have used NorTex for multiple projects in recent years under Jason’s leadership and our experience has been outstanding. We are not an easy customer. We have high expectations for professional service providers. NorTex is a rare service provider that meets our expectations. Jason spends time to understand our needs and offers consultation. He is credible to the point of advising us against some items at the expense of a lower invoice value for NorTex. This demonstrates he is not primarily interested in closing the sale but ultimate customer satisfaction.

His crew–particularly one led by Tomas– invested significantly in preparing our home. During the most recent project, they moved furniture carefully–spending 30 minutes to affix felt coasters to multiple pieces of large heavy furnishings to protect the wood flooring before they moved the furniture. They taped and covered everything.

Their drywall repair work was particularly exceptional. They completed repairs while blending new texture with the old in such a way that no one would know a repair was done. A crew member was not satisfied with two coats of paint coverage and proactively noted that he wanted to add more paint to areas. Tomas was particularly attentive and approachable and provided good communication during the multi-day process.

Clean-up was excellent, including hand-wiping 1000+ of square feet of wood floors. They cleaned trim and adjacent parts that were not part of the project. They did not leave a single strand of tape, plastic or work material in our home or on our lawn. We spent the next day looking for punch list items. We are still looking for the first one. This quality of work from a paint, gutter, and drywall repair crew — or any home service provider–is highly unusual from our experience. NorTex and Jason’s team earns our highest recommendation. Their company sign is seen in the front yard of several homes in our neighborhood over the years including that of a highly reputable and attentive real estate professional. What does that say about NorTex? They earn a SIX star review based on our experience. NorTex provides us with superb value and meets high expectations.

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